A father’s life is to yearn for a minute of peace, of quiet privacy–and to realize that this minute is not about to come soon.

A father’s life is to do everything you are supposed to do, and even more–and to feel no one is really appreciating what you are doing. (Of course that’s not true–we fathers are just craving for that little recognition.)

A father’s life is to try to focus on the creative or professional task at hand–and to postpone the effort because you admit there are more urgent matters at home to take care of.

It’s the parable of Gru: That scene close to the end of “Despicable Me.” He is desperately trying to convince Perkins that his plan to shrink and steal the moon is ready to go. But the children keep interrupting his video-conference–with their fooling around, their endless questions (the drawing of Gru sitting in the toilette; the request to have pizza… “We just have lunch… Just leave!”)

“You don’t seem terribly focused, Gru,” comments Perkins.

“Believe me, I am completely focused,” responds Gru.

Yeah, right… Don’t fool yourself, Gru.

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