I’ve never believed in “New Year’s Resolutions”: a calendar must not dictate life—life just happens, regardless of dates or annual cycles.

Think of any life changing experiences you’ve gone through. The day your first child was born—June 3rd? The day you got married—October 10th? The day your work was first published—March 12th? The day your dad passed away—November 29th?

We all move according to the rhythm of our inner clocks—the invisible cycles of our feelings, emotions, and ideas. Any given day is an excellent day for making a meaningful, or a tumultuous, decision—provided there is will, and true purpose, and deep faith on what you desire to accomplish.

It will not work, waiting for a January 1st to change our lives for good.

[Photo Credits: “To See Time” – Dec. 22, 2014, by 1Sigfridsson — Visit this great blog at http://1sigfridsson.com/ ]

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